Tuesday, 16 February 2016

February 2016 - Daesh’s Preparations Disrupted In Hasakah, Attacks Repelled Near Ain Issa

HASAKAH, ROJAVA, Syria (February 2016) —

On February 3 in the southeast of the city Hasakah, combatants from the People’s Defense Units (YPG) launched an offensive against occupied positions of the terrorist group Daesh (ISIS). The attack was led in the village of Elgana and its surroundings after insuring intelligence on the enemy’s preparation for a fresh assault was reported. The Defense Units who were accompanied by a unit of the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) heavily struck the terrorists’ fighting positions, there was no immediate word on the casualties of the terrorists.

Earlier in the evening of February 2, the Defense Units carried out a search and patrol process in southern portion of Hasakah as Daesh terrorists were described to be on movement. There, a unit of the People’s Defense Units came across an improvised explosive device manipulated by three suspected terrorists disguised in civilian clothes. A combatant of the People’s Defense Units fell martyr as result the explosion of the IED, another comrade was wounded in action.

Ain Issa, Kobane — At about 11 am on February 3, equipped with extremely heavy weapons, a group of the Daesh terrorists stormed the countryside of the town Ain Issa in southern Kobane. The joint Defense Units in a tactical move could neutralize the enemy’s attempts by completing a series of counter-attacks which eventually ended in defeating the attackers’ plan. More updates regarding that battle will follow in next releases.

Aleppo — A unit of fighters from the People’s Defense Units conducted an attack on February 3 along the Jandol Road in northern Aleppo. Targeting multiple assemblies of operative terrorist forces, the Defense Units managed to pin down a military vehicle, and kill and wound 3 terrorist fighters.

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