Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Blockade of Russian trucks in Ukraine continues (updates)

The latest escalation of an economic war between Ukraine and Russia which includes reciprocal trade bans on a range of goods
February 16, 2016

17:50 Ukraine and Russia agree to suspend truck blockade: Ministry of Infrastructure

Ukraine and Russia have agreed to temporarily allow all freight transport through each others' territory until Feb 25.

The deal means trucks registered in both countries are free to transit. That's according to The Ministry of Infrastructure in Kyiv.

15:20 Russian truck blockade dispute with Ukraine escalates

It's early morning. The Ukrainian border is open, but these trucks registered in Russia are going nowhere. Around 30 vehicles queue to enter Romania. These drivers are among several hundred more caught up in a bitter trade war between Moscow and Kyiv. It's already day four of the freight blockade, but activists from Right Sector, a radical political group, say they're preparing for the long haul.

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