Tuesday, 12 August 2014

China conducts test flights for nine aircraft: Kanwa

To strengthen the fighting and power projection capabilities of its air force, China is currently testing nine different new types of aircraft, according to the Canada-based Kanwa Defense Review.
One of those aircraft is China's first fifth-generation stealth fighter, the J-20. Photos released on a Chinese military website indicate that the J-20 is a multirole fighter designed for both aerial combat and ground attack because of its longer and larger build than Russian fighters such as the Su-33 and Su-37. China is testing the avionic system of J-20 through attaching its radar to a Russian-built Tu-204 passenger plane.
Another four — the J-10B, J-11B, J-16 and J-15 — are fourth-generation fighters for China's air force and navy. Tactical bombers such as the JH-7A and JH-7B are being examined as well. The J-16 has already gone through test flights for three years. To shorten the process, Shenyang Aircraft Corporation has decided to modify the aircraft's weapon systems. After the J-20 and J-31 begin service, their the J-16's primary mission will be to provide close air support for ground forces.
The Y-20 medium transport and KJ-500 early warning aircraft are the last two military aircraft currently being tested in China. The KJ-500 is being tested by Xi'an Aircraft Industry Corporation at the Yanliang airport. Unlike its prodecessor, the KJ-200, the KJ-500 is designed based on the Y-9 cargo plane. The official name of this new early warning aircraft has not yet been confirmed in China

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