Thursday, 23 March 2017

JOKE OF THE MONTH - Efficiency of Russian Weapons Proved by Fight Against Terror in Mideast – Putin

Efficiency of Russian weapons was proved by fight against terrorism, for example, in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday, adding that the analysis of practical use of defense technologies would improve the quality of military equipment.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The president added that Russian military equipment was used for humanitarian purposes – for example to demine the liberated cities of Aleppo and Palmyra and to neutralize terrorists’ chemical weapons. Putin pointed at the efficiency of mobile medical complexes and other Russian military products.
"The capabilities of Russian weapons, their reliability and efficiency are seen in the fight against terrorism in Syria, counteracting terrorism in the entire Middle East region. Using aircraft and air defense systems in the real combat situation provides air and engineer staff, air defense crews as well as developers of Russian military production with absolutely priceless experience. I want to thank them for their active work and prompt reaction to the remarks emerging during the use of military vehicles," Putin said at the session of the Commission for Military Technology Cooperation.
Putin also called for analyzing the usage of military technologies and improving methods of military training.
"Such an approach will also promote the development of ties in the system of military technology cooperation, increasing the quality of the country’s military products," he added.
Russia launched its military operation in Syria on September 30, 2015, at the request of the Syrian government.
NB - It should be noted that what Russia calls Efficiency and targeted bombing is commonly referred to by Civilised Nations as Carpet Bombing! 
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