Sunday, 14 February 2016

The elimination scenario of ISIS

ISIS could have what we might call the “blind eyes” from near and far countries, after announcing the “state” and the start of its expansion to large areas in Iraq and Syria and seeking actively to consolidate its control over these areas of all methods, which allowed him the possibility of threatening the interests of many countries directly or indirectly and they were forced to form a so-called international coalition to face this organization.

During the course of military operations against ISIS, the main goal of the coalition was weakened ISIS but maintaining it and keeping the ingredients that led to its evolution of sectarianism in Iraq and the dictatorship in Syria, while who resides on the ground realize that the time factor is in favor of ISIS.

And if we’ll look for the possible scenario to get rid once and for all of ISIS in Syria, particularly in the area of Aljazeera province we will find that the equation is simple and summed up several items from which to ensure the elimination of ISIS and the seed planted in the community.

The first of these items is the leaving of Assad regime, which has contributed to the emergence of ISIS to prove his theory that the revolution is a fundamentalist extremist groups carry the thought of terrorism for fusing even the moderate opposition in this crucible and who went to it when they did not find salvation from the regime, but through it, we find that the largest proportion of members in ISIS of the Syrians are the ones from the areas which witnessed massacres, bombing and killing.

In addition, support for a Sunni Arab force to be the spearhead to fight ISIS and owns a popular incubator being of the people of the region, with the need to seek to regulate them well and protect them of the features of fragmentation and mistakes that made by their predecessors during the revolution and be a real nucleus of a future military institution of the country as a whole, and not to rely directly on specific racial or ethnic groups to fight ISIS, especially outside of their presence areas, and pressure to define its role in the areas in which they operate and force it to stop the excesses that created the incubator for ISIS and shown it in real protector of Sunni Arabs, as well as managing areas that come out of the hands of ISIS so that they become areas a good example of pushing the people of the areas that are still under the control of the latter to look for salvation from it.

Also, must not marginalize the Islamic parties in the next phase and to rely on the more moderate parties to assist in the eradication of the remnants of the thought of extremist ISIS through dialogue and correct the resulted intellectual warp, in addition to support the organizations and associations that are fighting ISIS intellectually the fact that his only goal was the dissemination of extremist ideology among the people and children more specifically, because he knows that he will be demised , those minds will carry this thought and will be the nucleus of the creation of ISIS again, more brutality, so fighting ISIS intellectually will reduce the number of entrants to him and will lie its allegations that trying to implanted in people’s minds.

Parallels the treatment of the etiology and fight ISIS intellectually in all areas where the from Iraq Libya, Egypt and others with military action against him, but the a great disaster in the presence of many parties believe that the regime’s army will remove ISIS and trying to support the idea of survival of the regime to fight ISIS, which is what drives civilians in the control of ISIS regions to rally around him and create a very popular incubator because they prefer to remain under his control that rather remain under the control of the regime than, which revolted ante before, as well as being aware that retaliation of the regime would be collectively and very expensive, and by this the international parties have served ISIS and proven presence in the region for years.

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