Friday, 29 August 2014

Ukrainian media digest 29 August 2014

Non-affiliated MP Aleksandr Polunin was chosen as the head of Zaporizhzhya district council. 32 out of 33 deputies voted for his candidacy. By 2013 he had been the head of Zaporizhzhya district state administration, but was sacked following the conflict with Aleksandr Peklushenko who was region’s governor at that time.
There have been clashes between protestors and police outside the Russian consulate in Kharkiv. During the protests a firework was launched from protestors’ side on the consulate and police. The police tried to detain protestors who were wearing balaclava. As a result, only one person had been arrested.
NSDC has adopted measures to defend national security and territorial integrity of Ukraine and to increase combat capability of Ukraine’s armed forces and law enforcement, a deputy head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council, Mykhaylo Koval said after NSDC meeting with the President – UNIAN reports.

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