Saturday, 30 August 2014

Two Ukrainian officers blew themselves up. They killed 12 Russian Terrorists

The two Ukrainian officers blew themselves up, killing 12 Russian soldiers who wanted to take them captive – reported the Ministry of Defence in Kyiv. Russians killed 331 military amphibious assault regiment in the Russian Kostroma.
The incident took place on Monday, but the Ministry of Defence did not inform his place. It is known that the Ukrainian Oleksandr Kandesiuk Majors and Oleksiy Szepeluk tried to break up with his soldiers from the Russian encirclement, but were shot by the Russians.

“Witnesses saw him wounded Ukrainian military (Kandesiuka and Szepeluka) surrounded the 12 soldiers of the Russian landing and, threatening with weapons, tried to take them into captivity. When enemies approached them at a distance of several meters, the wounded Ukrainian officers stood with raised hands from the ground. For a moment there was a few explosions, resembling the sound grenade explosions “- reads the Ministry of Defence.

” Officers Kandesiuk and Szepeluk, not wanting to give up, blew themselves up along with the superior forces of the enemy “- underlined.

Command counter-terrorism operation applied to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko for the grant Kandesiukowi and Szepelukowi posthumous title of Hero of Ukraine.

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