Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Interpreter has a translation:
Last night, 26 August 2014, Ukrainian artillery destroyed a convoy of Russian paratroopers who advanced on BMDs. The Russian Federation soldiers were moving toward Ilovaisk with the purpose of destroying the position of the Ukrainian army. As soon as the column was noted, strikes were delivered.
Photographs of the destroyed vehicles were given by soldiers to Dorozhny Kontrol journalists who are on the scene of events. As can be seen from the photos, the paratroopers were dressed in the RF military uniform and had Vintorez rifles with them, which are not in the arsenals of Ukraine. Most of the paratroopers were destroyed, but some were taken captive.
They noted that their reporter Rostislav Shaposhnikov and Yegor Vorobyev, a journalist of Espresso TV and his cameraman Taras Chkan are embedded with the 2nd platoon of the 39th TRO Battalion, 93rd part, remnants of the 51st brigade and some units of the Dnepr-1 battalion, and are surrounded outside of Ilovaisk.

"The Interior Ministry and Defense Ministry of Ukraine are not doing anything to save the soldiers and volunteers," said Dorozhny Kontrol.

Several of the destroyed vehicles look like the MT-LB amphibious infantry fighting vehicle, a type of vehicle which has not been spotted in this fight until recently but one which we located in Lugansk Region yesterday.
In this picture there appears to be some sort of green lettering or numbering on the side of the vehicle, an MT-LB. 

Yesterday, a convoy of Russian armor was geolocated to Sverdlovsk, between Lugansk and the Russian border (map). The vehicles were marked with green paint, often in exactly the same location as the picture above. We have not seen this paint before, but evidence strongly suggests that the convoy located yesterday, complete with 4 T-72s and the advanced Strela-10 anti-aircraft weapon, must have crossed the Russian border. While we can't prove that the vehicle below was in Sverdlovsk yesterday, it might indicate that Russia is marking the vehicles it is sending across the border with this green paint.
A screengrab from a video uploaded yesterday showing a MT-LB in Sverdlovsk:

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