Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Russian Tacked Terrorists Artillery Destroys 6 Ukrainian Tanks in Luhansk Region

Militia artillery has destroyed six Ukrainian tanks in a settlement in Krasnodonsk district of the Luhansk region, the press center of the army of the Southeast in Krasnodonsk district said.
Militias in the Luhansk People’s Republic used multiple launch rocket systems Grad during the battle in the settlement, the press center told ITAR-TASS.
"Artillery guns have destroyed no less than six tanks and one infantry armored vehicle of the enemy. The battle in the settlement continues," the press center said.
Up to 400 Ukrainian national guards have captured the above-mentioned settlement, playing the key role in control over the road leading from Russia to Luhansk currently closed for traffic over hostilities, the press center reported.
"Fighters from battalion Dniper try to come for help to them," representatives of the militia said

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