Tuesday, 12 August 2014

PLA's new CSS-20 missile could take out US Pacific bases

F-22 fighters on the runway at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska. (Photo/US Air Force)
China's new CSS-20 ballistic missile could take out all US military facilities in the Western Pacific, claims the Kanwa Defense Review operated by Andrei Chang, also known as Pinkov, a military analyst based in Canada.
The primary mission of the CSS-20, designed to carry out China's Anti Access and Area Denial strategy, is to strike at ground targets instead of aircraft carriers or other warships, the report said. The missile even has the range to hit Elmendorf Air Force Base and Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska, some 5,000 kilometers from mainland China, the report said.
Other targets for the People's Liberation Army in a potential conflict with the United States would be Guam in the Western Pacific and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.
Kanwa said the development of CSS-20 missile comes in response to the Asia Pivot strategy of the Obama administration. The article said the missile would undergo modifications in the future to make it more difficult for US radar stations and air defense system in Alaska to pick up.

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