Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Italian fighter jets crash following mid-air collision

No civilian casualties reported after jets collide during training exercise in skies over Ascoli, causing woodland fires
Two Italian fighter jets have collided over eastern Italy during a training mission and crashed into a wooded area, causing a fire.
A Civil Protection official, Susanna Balducci, told Sky TG24 TV there were no civilian casualties on the ground after the planes crashed into woods near the town of Ascoli.
It was not immediately clear whether any of the four crew had survived.
Officials from the Italian Defence Ministry say they are awaiting an official report from the field before making any statement
Balducci said a firefighting helicopter was trying to extinguish the blaze, whose flames and dark smoke were visible for miles.
Witnesses quoted by Italian media said they saw two military planes flying low near Ascoli, then heard a crash and saw flames.

A search is underway for the four missing crew members.

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