Friday, 7 March 2014

India to indigenously build periscopes for navy

India, in a step towards enhancing its underwater operational capabilities, will equip its Navy submarines with indigenous periscopes.

Talking to an English Daily, The Tribune in Dehradun, Avinash Chander, Scientific Adviser to Union Defence Minister and Director General, Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO),
disclosed that a periscope constituted an important component of submarines and the DRDO was working towards giving the Indian Navy its first indigenous periscope within the next two years.
When a submarine is submerged, a periscope can provide a view of the objects on the surface of water and in the air. Chander said the DRDO was also working to install state-of-the-art fire control system and night vision devises in naval ships.
He disclosed that the DRDO was engaged in developing a sensor fabrication facility. The Rs7 billion project will enable indigenisation of sensors which will enhance efficiency of country’s weaponry.

Currently, these sensors were being imported from France, Israel and Russia. Chander said the country’s spending on Research and Development was minuscule, probably the lowest in the world.

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