Tuesday, 14 May 2013

RN Sunmarines - May 14th

907 D1 Submarine HMS D1 laid down
1918 R7 Submarine HMS R7 launched
1917 L54 Submarine HMS L54 laid down
1930 Rainbow Submarine HMS Rainbow launched
1941 Thrasher Submarine HMS Thrasher completed
1945 Springer Submarine HMS Springer launched
1947 Alliance Submarine HMS Alliance completed
1942 HMS Turbulent HMS Turbulent sinks the Italian sailing vessel San Giusto with gunfire 10 miles east of Apollonia, Greece.
1943 HMS Trident HMS Trident unsuccesfully fires 4 torpedoes at the French passenger/cargo ship Cap Corse north-west of Corsica.
1944 HMS Sickle HMS Sickle claims the sinking of a sailing vessel with gunfire north of Rhetymon, Crete.
1944 HMS Tally-Ho HMS Tally-Ho lays mines in the Strait of Malacca.
Thanks to Barrow Submarine Association

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