Friday, 3 May 2013

RN Submarines - May 3rd

1915 J2 Submarine HMS J2 laid down
1941 P32 Submarine HMS P32 completed
1942 Unrivalled Submarine HMS Unrivalled completed
1943 Upshot Submarine HMS Upshot laid down
1941 HMS Usk HMS Usk sailed from Malta for a patrol off the NW coast of Sicily on 19 April 1941. Anti-submarine activity was intense and Usk was ordered to alter her position. What happened to Usk is not known but she is most likely mined in the vicinity of Cape Bon some time after 25 April 1941. She was reported overdue on 3 May 1941
1941 HMS Triumph HMS Triumph sinks the Italian auxilary patrol vessel V 136/Tugnin F. with gunfire about 10 nautical miles west of Marsa el Brega, Libya.
1944 HMS Tantalus HMS Tantalus torpedoes and sinks the Japanese army cargo ship Amagi Maru about 40 nautical miles south of Port Blair, Andaman Islands.
1944 Unswerving HMS Unswerving sinks two sailing vessels with gunfire in the Gulf of Nauplia, Greece.

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