Friday, 17 May 2013

RN Submarines - May 17th

1912 E5 Submarine HMS E5 launched
1917 G14 Submarine HMS G14 launched
1919 H33 Submarine HMS H33 completed
1919 L71 Submarine HMS L71 launched
1945 Ambush Submarine HMS Ambush laid down
1917 Sea Lions Second experiment using Sea Lions to detect submarines begins
1945 HMS Terrapin HMS Terrapin sinks a Japanese sailing vessel and damages another with gunfire in the western part of the Java Sea.
1945 Tiptoe HMS Tiptoe sinks a Japanese coaster with gunfire of Sumbawa Island, Netherlands East Indies.
1958 Aurochs Aurochs was patrolling the Molucca Sea off Indonesia when an unidentified aircraft machine-gunned her. No casualties or damage were sustained. President Sukarno's Indonesian government told the UK Government that its armed forces had not made the attack. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office stated that it accepted the assurance and assumed that North Celebes insurgents had carried out the attack.

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