Friday, 10 May 2013

Peace-keeping troops return home to a heroes welcome

A total of 175 troops from the 107th battalion have arrived into Dublin Airport following their tour of duty. 

Dublin airport was alive with excitement and touching emotion as families gathered to welcome home Dad, Mums, sons and daughters, uncles and aunts from the UN peace keeping mission.

Amongst them was Cork goalkeeper Alan Quirk looking forward to another Championship season - and already apprehensive of taking on Limerick.

The 107th Infantry battalion travelled to south Lebanon on November 2 last, guarding the border with Israel.

Troops said the area remains untouched by the Syrian conflict, though some refugees have passed through. 

The battalion consists of 332 Irish and 176 Finnish personnel under the irish command of lt col David Dignam, who remains to hand over command to the 108th battalion. He returns home next week.

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