Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Australian military, industry meet over problem projects

Senior Australian defense officials and heads of Australian defense companies have met over troubled defense projects.

Australian Minister for Defense Materiel Mike Kelly said progress made in remediation plans for each of six problem programs on the Projects of Concern list since a meeting was held in November were looked at.

"We are seeing tangible benefits in having government, (Department of) Defense and industry representatives discussing issues together and working towards remediation of these troubled projects," Kelly said. "Ultimately, results from these summits will deliver real benefits to the men and women of the Australian Defense Force."

The six projects involve Collins class submarines, a multi-role tanker aircraft, a multi-role helicopter, a redevelopment effort, direct fire support weapons and electronic support measures upgrade for maritime patrol planes.

The Australian Department of Defense said that since last November two projects were removed from the list but two others added.

All parties are said to be working together to achieve the main aim of the Projects of Concern process in putting the projects back on track and removed from the list.

The bi-annual face-to-face meetings have been held since 2011. A total of 21 projects have been put on the list with 15 removed -- 13 due to remediation and two due to cancellation.

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