Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Demand for Russian military hardware growing in the world

Russia’s positions on the world arms market are very strong - especially, in the combat aviation sector. The jet fighters Su-30 and MiG-29 are well known in many countries, including the South East Asian countries in the first place. The demand for Russian combat aircraft remains very high due to the appearance of such clients as Algeria, Venezuela, Malaysia, Vietnam, Uganda, and Indonesia. Bangladesh is expected to appear on that list soon. The supplies of the Yak-130 subsonic two-seat advanced jet trainers to Bangladesh may start in 2015.

For the companies of the Russian military-industrial complex military and technical cooperation with Asian countries is a top priority. The countries in South and South-East Asia that are developing actively now allocate considerable funds to equip their armed forces in a proper way, Director of the Centre for Strategic Conjuncture Ivan Konovalov says.

"These countries need combat aircrafts. Taking into account the price-quality criterion, one can say that Russian combat planes are most preferable. They cost much but as compared to their American or French analogs, they are cheaper. And their quality is good too. Therefore, the South-East Asian countries, where there are many unsettled problems, including the border issues, are paying paramount attention to the Russian aircraft. On the other hand, Russian companies are doing well-thought-out work there. What I mean here is advertising the MiG- and Su- family planes."

The latest Russian Yak -130 subsonic two-seat advanced jet trainer is not as well known in the world yet as the Su-30 or the MiG-29 jet fighters. However, the Yak-130 supersonic jet trainer has good prospects for export because it can be used not only as a trainer but also as a ground-attack plane, a member of the Public Council and Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation, Viktor Murakhovsky, said.

The Yak-130 trainer is approximately 2 times cheaper than modern jet fighters, the expert says, adding that this makes it a unique product on the market. A contract with Bangladesh which is expected to be signed soon is only the first step in advancing the penetration of the Yak-130 planes into foreign markets. As is known, the producer of the Yak-130 planes - the Ikut Corporation – plans, jointly with the Rosoboronexport Agency, to promote the Yak-130 planes to the Latin American market. In case an agreement on the supplies of the Russian planes is signed with one of the Latin American countries, the licensed production of the Yak-130 planes may be launched in Brazil.

According to the information of the middle of 2012, over the past 7 years the Rosoboronexport Agency has supplied 290 warplanes abroad to the tune of more than 20 billion dollars. The planes of the Su- and MiG-family made up the greater part of them.

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