Sunday, 12 August 2012

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Syria opposition needs no-fly zone – rebel leader

­A Syrian opposition leader has said his fighters need a foreign-guarded no-fly zone over the country, as well as safe havens along Syria’s borders with Turkey and Jordan. His comments come a day after US State Secretary Hillary Clinton pointed out America and Turkey are considering measures to help the rebels, including a no-fly zone.

Afghanistan secretly contacts Taliban’s 2IC – reports

­Afghan officials have reportedly held secret talks with Taliban’s former second-in-command Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who has been in detention in Pakistan since 2010. The latest move could help reboot the Pakistan-brokered peace talks of the Afghan government with the terrorist network. It comes ahead of the planned 2014 foreign troops’ exodus from Afghanistan.

Peacekeepers deny Sinai attack as Egyptian soldiers kill Islamist militants

Peacekeepers in Sinai have denied they came under attack on Sunday, despite reports that gunmen opened fire on troops, according to the Jerusalem Post. In a separate incident, Egyptian soldiers killed at least six Islamist militants after storming their hideout in northern Sinai, AP reports. The troops found the insurgents as they searched for jihadists who killed 16 Egyptian border guards one week ago. No one has claimed responsibility for last week’s killings.

Terrorist act prevented in Afghanistan

­Afghan authorities, together with the coalition forces from NATO and ISAF, have prevented a major terrorist act in the country. This is according to a communique sent out by ISAF, which said "a number of insurgents were arrested as they were making their way to the capital, Kabul, to carry out an act of terrorism".

6.2 quake hits far-western China

­A strong quake measuring 6.2 has struck far-western China, with no initial reports of casualties or damage. However, the depth of the tremor was indicated at 30 kilometers, which increases the risk of harm to the area. The far-western region shaken by the quake is one of China’s most seismically active. It comes a day after Iran was struck by strong twin earthquakes, leaving 227 dead and at least 1,380 injured.

Arab League postpones meeting on Syria

Arab League foreign ministers have postponed to a later date a meeting in Saudi Arabia to discuss Syrian conflict, AFP sites top Arab League official as saying. Ministers were scheduled to meet on Sunday in the city of Jeddah. Arab bloc's Deputy Secretary General Ahmed Ben Helli said that they were going to discuss the latest developments in Syria and which policy actions to take after the UN-Arab League envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, resigned earlier this month.

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