Friday, 27 July 2012

CFK scaring its own people with the military routine exercises in Falklands

The editor of the Falkland Islands weekly Penguin News twitted that Argentine president Cristina Fernandez is scaring its own people, regarding military exercises in the Islands, which Lisa Watson underlines are “routine”.

 If anything goes wrong it’s the people of Stanley that should be really concerned.

“CFK is scaring its own people about missile exercises in the Falklands. They have been going on every six months for the last 29 years”, wrote Lisa in her twitter.

Further on she writes that the missiles have a range of four miles so “if anything goes wrong it’s the inhabitants of Port Stanley who should be really concerned!!”

Earlier this week the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a release “rejected and condemned” the exercises which it said “are a new demonstration and exercise of force from the British government”.

“Great Britain once again threatens Argentina and Latin America by programming exercises involving missile launching in the South Atlantic. The exercise puts at risk the safety of all the vessels in the area”, added the official release.

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