Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Falklands War - Disposition of British Ships, Aircraft & Land Forces, including those departing

UK Departures
            RFA Blue Rover, Tankers British Tamar, British Trent
            Tug Yorkshireman, Repair ship Stena Seaspread

3 Commando Brigade Transport
            Transports Canberra, Elk
            LSL's Sir Percivale, Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad, Sir Geraint, Sir Tristram
            RFA Pearleaf, Stromness, Fr Antelope

3 Commando Brigade to Ascension Island
            By air - X and Y Coy, 45 Cdo RM, also M Coy 42 Cdo, SBS, SAS

With Carrier Battle Group (CVBG) –

A Coy 40 Cdo on Hermes, part of Z Coy 45 Cdo on Resourc

Rest of Brigade scattered around Amphibious Task Group ships:

            - Brigade HQ on Fearless,
            - B & C Coy 40 Cdo, K & L Coy 42 Cdo and 3 Para on Canberra,
            - 45 Cdo RM (part) on RFA Stromness,
            - Brigade helicopters on Fearless and four LSL's, light tanks on Elk.
            - (total strength approximately 5,500)
            2 Para to follow on Norland, with equipment and AAC helicopters on Europic Ferry.

Ships and Aircraft in Ascension Area

    RAF Aircraft
    Nimrod MR.2's of 120, 201 and 206 Sqdns,
    Victors of 55 and 57 Sqdns,
    Hercules, VC.10's

    Ship Arriving

    Assault ship Fearless

   Support Tanker in South Atlantic
    RFA Appleleaf

Carrier Battle Group

    CV   Hermes, Invincible
    DD   Glamorgan, Fr Alacrity, Broadsword, Yarmouth
    RFA             Olmeda, Resource

Advanced Group

DD Coventry, Glasgow, Sheffield, Fr Arrow, Brilliant

South Georgia Task Group

DD Antrim, 
Fr Plymouth,
 RFA Tidespring
M Coy 42 Cdo, 
D Sqdn SAS
joined by Ice Patrol Vessel Endurance

Returning to Ascension
RFA Fort Austin

In South Atlantic
RFA Brambleleaf

In Falklands & South Georgia Area
(MEZ in force from Monday 12th April)
SSN's Splendid, Spartan, Conqueror

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