Monday, 26 December 2011

December 26th - On This Date

1915 HMS E6 On 26th December 1915 HMS E6 left Harwich to carry out an anti-submarine patrol in the North Sea. As the submarine neared the Sunk Light Vessel she was signalled by a patrolling torpedo boat to keep clear. E6 continued on her course and within view of the torpedo boat struck a mine and disappeared.
1939 HMS Triumph Whilst on patrol North East of Heligoland on 26 December 1939, HMS Triumph hit a drifting mine which blew eighteen feet off her bows fully exposing her six internal and two external torpedo tubes. Although all the tubes were loaded, none of her warshots exploded. Unable to dive she was escorted back to Rosyth by Hudson aircraft where repairs were carried out.
1942 Unrivalled HMS Unrivalled sinks the Italian auxiliary submarine chaser O 97/Margherita with gunfire about 5 nautical miles north of Mehedia, Tunisia.
1943 HMS Sickle HMS Sickle sinks two Greek sailing vessel with gunfire east of Mykonos Island, Greece.

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